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Walton's Newest Novel hits New York Times' Best seller list April 1, 2016 an interview by April Pranks

2,000 year-old relic kills all who possess it … The Mask of Minos

March 23, 2016 by sunburypress

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released Robert Walton’s The Mask of Minos: Bruno’s Inferno, a satirical action-adventure akin to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

"It created quite a stir in the community when news came out," spoke an ebullient author. "I wanted to show my fellow authors that I can write something effectual, something that tells me that I can make a difference in not only my own life, but in other's lives as well."
 Its no accident that he came up with this best selling novel. 
"I believe that things have a set of characteristics which make them what they are, that are essential to their being."
'So,' I asked him, 'The essence of this novel precedes the actual novel?'
It wasn't easy holding this author down for an interview, He seemed to be floating on a cloud. I asked him about that;
"Not a cloud, so much as the top of a mountain. I have conquered the dragon, and the towns people are ecstatic."
When I asked him what difference it would make to his career as a writer if he never hit the Best Seller list, this essentialist responded;
"What is soft, flies through the air, and whistles?"
"I give up," I said.
"My novel," he said.
To which I responded, 'But you novel isn't soft.' 
"So you can soak it in water."
'But," I said, ' your novel doesn't fly.'
"So," he said, "You throw it in the air."
'But a novel doesn't whistle,' I said,
"So? It doesn't whistle."
"The truth of the matter is, best seller or not," he went on, "it is what it is, and I don't care how much I make on it, it is a labor of love. Does that sound cliche'?"
To be honest, it did.